I believe that in every person there is an impulse towards personal fulfillment.  Many people feel anxious about themselves. As though, their history or flaws render them not good enough. I believe that unpacking outdated mental scripts and family of origin patterns is a way to redress one’s conception of self. I am an optimist. I believe that every person has a personal version of YES! I believe that a happy life is possible if you keep moving towards your “Yes.” I enjoy working with artists, performers, dreamers, creative people, grievers, people in transition and the LGBTQ community. My best work is accomplished when clients are ready to take action on their own behalf. I liken my energy to rocket fuel. I can’t do the work for people but I will accompany them and support them on their journey. I listen carefully to the stories that my clients bring me. I want to understand what excites them and how they feel misunderstood.  My goal is to be an engaged witness and ally. I believe that my clients are experts on their own lives. I support them in developing warmhearted self-awareness. I want to assist my clients in becoming intentional choice makers. I bring unconditional acceptance and a sense of humor to my work.